1936 Buick Century

In 1936 Buick renamed its entire model line-up in Celebration of it’s improvements and advancements from the earlier model years. The Buick Century was born in 1936 as it took the place of the Series”60″ model. The new Buick Century was created by combining the shorter wheelbase.

Buick Special with the eight-cylinder engine and a better higher performance caused the Century to soon be nicknamed “the banker’s hotrod” as it was one of the fastest Buickā€™s of it’s era in the late 30’s.

1936 Buick Century Production Numbers

Model Number Body/Style Number Body Type & Seating Factory Price Shipping Weight Total Production
61 - 4-dr Sedan – 5P $1,090 - 17,806
66C - 2-dr Convertible Coupe – 4P $1,135 3,775 lbs 717
66So - 2-dr Sport Coupe – 4P $1,035 3,625 lbs 1,078
66Sr - 2-dr Sport Coupe – 4P $1,035 3,635 lbs 1,001
68 - 2-dr Victorian Coupe – 5P $1,055 3,730 lbs 3,762

Chassis Data

Model Wheelbase Overall Length Front Tread Rear Tread Tires
Series 60 122 in. 197 in. 58.1 in. 57.5 in. 7.00 x 15

1958 Buick VIN Numbers

Serial numbers are located on the right side of frame, behind front fender opening
Serial Numbers
Starting at 2830899 and ended at 2999496


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