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Hot Rod Music


What is hot rod music?


In the Southern California scene of the early Sixties, “ho-dads,” or car enthusiasts, were the other big subset of teen life. Although hot rodders and surfers didn’t mix much, it was still a viable market, and so L.A. disc jockey and songwriter Roger Christian (of KFWB) led the push to get surf bands to record songs about cars. The Beach Boys’ “Shut Down” started this trend back in 1962, and other bands — including surf instrumental bands — soon picked up on it. Frankly, there isn’t much difference between surf and hot rod music, except that “hot rod” songs are essentially surf songs that happen to be about cars.

259394412_960a9bdad9On the surface, it doesn’t appear that there’s any difference between hot rod music and surf music, except that surf music enjoyed far more popularity in the heyday of both styles – the early to mid-Sixties. Surf music actually enjoys more popularity even today, although that has a lot to do with the fact that the Beach Boys gew out of the genre to become one of the most influential and enduring bands in American rock and roll history.


Still, there are slight differences, even though many surf and hot-rod bands shared the same audiences and played to the demands of both. Hot rod songs tended to be a little more manic, and – surprise – their subject matter was about tearing up the pavement rather than catching a wave. Fairly or not, all of hot rod culture was often tagged as the domain of flunkies, dropouts, and juvenile delinquents, whereas surfing (especially in the Sixties) was enjoyed by a more conservative and “wholesome” group. This as much as anything accounts for hot-rod music’s descent into near-oblivion, but no genre of music ever really dies. Especially since a number of recent bands are helping to keep the torch lit for an entire new generation of enthusiasts.

Where are the best places to buy surf/hot rod music?
Three names stand out when purchasing surf and hot-rod music: SundazedDel-Fi, and Bomp. If you’re a newbie looking to get into either genre, however, you may wish to start with the compilations Rock Instrumental Classics Vol. 5: Surf or, for a mix of intrumental and vocal surf, Surfin’ Hits. The box set Legendary Hot Rod Hits contains some songs not strictly in the hot rod genre, but it’s a good place to get all the classics.

Hot Rods and American Muscle Cars

During the 1950’s up to the 1970’s, muscle cars and hot rods dominated the world. Even females could not help turning their heads when slick vintage vehicle’s drove by. Times have now changed but, the urges of wanting to see vintage cars, classic cars, hot rods, and muscle cars have not. People who have preserved these classic cars are very much appreciated within society.

When these cars are out on the road people really enjoy seeing them. Hot Rods and Muscle Cars are ultimate private statements of the car’s owner and legacy, which are proudly shown to everyone. You probably have seen them at the car shows, television, or even seen one passing by on the highway. How many times have you turned your head or even tried to speed up to get a closer look at one of these classic cars? The Hot Rods and Muscle Cars say much about what it is that makes America the proud nation that we are.

Hot rods and Muscle Cars have been notorious being an attention-getting device for whatever group of people or enthusiasts they were encountering. Hot rods and muscle cars are a nostalgic part of our culture. Hot Rods and Muscle Cars come in many different imaginable shapes, conditions and modifications. The amount of customization that is done to the hot rod is an extension of builder’s imagination or frustration of his sight on a conventional styling that represents a part or unique style of the builder. This is not a bad thing at all. An individual can draw from it as someone’s unique perspective as to a new dimension on the life style in the US or any other country for that matter. The mere existence of the hot rods and muscle cars cannot dismiss the sense of pride in the country.

To catch glimpse of the ever-popular hot rods and muscle cars, one just needs to go over to your local auto repair shop and ask them for information on any of the upcoming car shows in the area. Auto mechanics are forever mindful of the elusive hot rods and muscle cars from many years gone by. Most anyone in the automotive industry can be considered huge fans of the hot rod and muscle car. However fear not, there are those die-hard mechanics still out there that like nothing more than getting there hands on classic hot rod and muscle cars to rekindle the need to hear rumble of powerful engines, or else peak at the slick bodied vehicles from days that are gone by.